Destiny 2 – Beta Impressions

The Destiny 2 Beta is out now for everyone on Xbox One and PS4 to try out! I’ve been able to play it for the past few days now and I have some thoughts so gear up, strap in, and prepare to sit in orbit.

As the title says this is my opinion on a beta version of software. Things will most certainly change and this build is most likely at least a month old. Now that the disclaimers have been taken care of let’s get into it.

What I liked

The story direction and scale of the strike felt like a nice change from Destiny 1.

PvP (Player versus Player). In Destiny 1 PvP was mainly 6v6 and a few modes that were 3v3. 6v6 was chaotic and the lag I experienced was agonizing. 3v3 felt better but it got old. In Destiny 2 PvP is 4v4 and combat has been slowed down. It’s a nice change of pace. Along with the player count change, ability timers have been increased and power has been reduced. The weapon loadout is now more focused on primary weapons. No more getting shot in the face by a shotgun every 5 seconds. All good changes.

One of the new modes and map in the beta is Coutdown and it’s on this european town map. Countdown is essentially Plant/Diffuse the bomb. the map and mode remind me of Counter Strike and that makes me very happy. more emphasis on team work and strategy.

New in Destiny 2 are class specific abilities, in Destiny 1 you only had subclass specific abilities. The warlock health pool is cool and i really enjoy the Titan deployable barricade. Hope these add an extra layer to the gameplay.

What I Didn’t Like

The beta is a bit empty and doesn’t show me enough. There’s only the 1st mission, 1 strike, and 2 PvP modes, each on their own map. There’s no Patrol mode where I can run around and really get a feel for the new abilities, weapons, and movement.

None of the weapons felt particularly great. It’s just a small sampling of gear so it’s hard to say if all the weapons will be like this or if there.

Ability timers. Takes forever to recharge your melee, grenade, and super abilities, and then when you do get them they don’t seem to do much.

Having 2 primary weapons at all times in PvE (player versus enemy) felt redundant but maybe with a full arsenal in the full release it will make more sense.

Other than changing the stuff above I’d like that they fix the audio mix. The gun noises don’t sound right and there’s not enough feedback for hitting enemies with shots. In Destiny 1 there’s a distinct *POP* when you get a critical shot kill on an enemy, in Destiny 2 there’s barely any feedback letting you know that you landed a critical kill. It adds to the feel and was one of the first things I noticed when I hopped in the beta.

Other Stuff

Stuff like aim assistance and recoil didn’t feel perfect but these could have just been the weapons I had access to.

Some stuff has already been fixed like weapon and ability damage in non PvP activities.

Power ammo economy is fixed in the full release, just not in the beta so don’t be surprised if you are doing the strike and you only have primary ammo.

The beta runs through July 23rd on console and the PC beta will happen sometime in August.

Destiny 2 releases on PS4 & Xbox One this September 6th, and on PC October 24th. I’ll be playing on PS4 and I expect to get my money’s worth though I doubt I’ll put in over 2,000 hours over the next few years. Hope the launch goes well and for those of you that try the beta out, let me know what you think!


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