Quick Fire Reviews Part III

It’s time for another installment of Quick Fire Reviews. In part III we have a newly released film, a newly released Netflix series, and a couple games that came out earlier this year.


GLOW (Netflix – 2017)

Alison Brie stars in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, full of 80’s Nostalgia, 10 episodes that go by pretty quickly., Fun cast and story, overall a fun time. Interested to see what happens in season 2



Mass Effect: Andromeda (Electronic Arts – PS4, XBO/PC – 2017)

Fun cast of Characters and best combat in the series. Sometimes too much dialog. Lots of glitches and performance issues that are impossible to miss. Fun game with charm. Somehow I’ve put in more than 70 hours into it.



Nier: Automata (Square Enix – PS4, PC – 2017)

I wanted to do a full review for this game but i’ve been struggling to find words that adequately describe my experience with this amazing game. Best story in a game this year. Combat is fast and fun. Had me feeling things I haven’t experienced from a medium since Neon Genesis: Evangelion. Currently my number 2 game of the year.



Baby Driver (Sony Pictures – 2017)

Edgar Wright directed musical-heist-action-film. Not his best work, but certainly something everyone should see. Great action, great soundtrack, interesting cast of characters, story was a bit empty in the tank though.



And thus concludes part III! Stay tuned for more reviews and thoughts on all sorts of stuff coming up. As always feel free to leave feedback. Till next time!


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