E3 2017 – Highlights

It’s been a crazy busy past couple weeks and in that chaos E3 2017 happened. Here are some thoughts and what caught my attention.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Trailer

I’d say it’s the best trailer for a game at E3 this year. Watch every last second of it. 



Future games announced that Fans have been hoping for, can’t really ask for much more.

Mario Odyssey looks interesting too and it comes out this year.



Shadow of the Colossus remake

I missed out on this game a couple times but now that it’s coming to PS4 with updated visuals and i believe adjusted controls I can’t wait to finally experience this game. It was also one of the few surprises this year.

God of War & Spiderman both look impressive plus Horizon story DLC coming this year. All-in-all a good showing.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser trailer is great and we probably won’t see anything resembling a game for at least a year

I’ll take a 2 hour long movie of the full story on show here though in the meantime. I know it wont happen though. This was by far the biggest surprise of the show.



Anthem reveal

They teased Anthem and it was fully shown off at Microsoft’s press conference. It looks like a third-person Destiny meets Mass Effect by the studio that made the first 3 Mass Effect games. I actually just started playing Andromeda. Anyways, the game looks dope so I’m in. My most excited for new IP announced. Also battlefront II looks like it should be better than the last one. Hopefully the campaign is pretty good and not just beautiful looking.



Project Scorpio is now called Xbox One X and it’s $499.

They also showed off Terry Crews in Crackdown 3, Forza looks like Forza, everything they showed can be played on something other than an Xbox One though.


Closing Thoughts

E3 this year was all about the games with a small pinch of surprises.  Would have done a podcast on E3 but life got busy as it does sometimes so this is what you get. Stay tuned for more updates. I’ll eventually get to games in my backlog and I’ll have a review up for Nier: Automata and maybe even one for Mass Effect: Andromeda. I also have the Kingdom Hearts collection of games for PS4 to play through and before you know it new games will be coming out this late summer. Still want to play through Wolfenstein: The New Order before Wolfenstein II comes out.

Take care!


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