Wonder Woman – Review

Let’s talk about Wonder Woman. The current box office smash hit released by Warner Bros. There’s been a lot of hype, build up, controversy, discussion, and analysis for a film before it even hit theater screens. People obviously care about Wonder Woman and the DC universe and they want to see it succeed. The question though is, “is it any good?”

I’m glad it’s doing well and I hope this means good things to come in the future for DC. The past couple films in this universe have kinda shat the bed and I’m glad they’ve finally made a film that doesn’t suck. [Spoiler Alert!] this movie doesn’t suck. Anyways, enough of this, I want to talk about what I did and did not like about this film.



Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman. She feels bad ass and awesome and she’s just great.

Wonder Woman is the best part about the film.

The action and imagery focused around the action was very well done. Really made Wonder Woman shine.

Production design and costumes were all spectacular.

The lasso actually looked very cool. I had my doubts going into the film but they did a great job with it.

Themyscira and the lore stuff we’re all great. Made me kinda want a kick ass Greek gods film set in this same universe.



The story was just ok. It did a good enough job of setting up the background of Wonder Woman but ran out of gas when it came to the war.

The dialogue at times seemed lazy and generic.

The supporting cast was super weak. There were a couple of characters that held their own and were enjoyable but the vast majority were lame.

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) made me shake my head on numerous occasions. Felt forced. He came off as creepy more than sweet and there were too many unnecessary scenes with him in it. I also couldn’t stop thinking about Chris Pine from Smokin’ Aces

Not enough bad ass Wonder Woman action. The film was at its best when Gal Gadot could shine in all of her Wonder Woman glory and anytime she wasn’t front and center was disappointing.

The VFX were distracting and not of the caliber compared to similarly scaled movies. I’m trying to be polite but they were pretty bad on several occasions. Not always bad but mostly not good. The compositing wasn’t great, things that were obviously fake were very obvious, obviously. Some of this may have been accentuated by…

The color grading was bad. Some of this may have been so that this film matches the look for Justice League but it did not do this film any justice. I never apologize for puns. There was one scene transition where the color grading was extremely disjointed and I had to wonder what happened. Maybe they just accidentally skipped over it when they were reviewing grading? Anyways sometimes less is more.

One last criticism I have is that I wish this film would have been darker tone at times and more emotionally hitting. WW1 felt like a mere printed backdrop for this film versus a truly horrific time in world history that it was.


At times I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a skin swapped version of Captain America: The First Avenger, but overall I enjoyed this film. Way better than Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Dark Knight Rises, Batman Begins, and even LEGO Batman. It’s a solid base to build upon and I have a feeling Wonder Woman 2 will be a big improvement much like Captain America: Winter Soldier was a big improvement. There’s a lot of potential with this character and I really hope they build upon and improve. I also think that if I were not a vfx artist, colorist, or on occasions a director, that I would not have been so critical on this film. It seams like the weakest parts were the script and some of the post production work. I’d comment on audio but I’m not really an audio person and nothing stuck out to me as jarring. I’m still not a fan of the Wonder Woman theme but that’s just like my opinion man.



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