The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Review

I’ve had a rough time trying to write this review. I’ve probably scrapped 3 other versions. It’s weird, and I’m sorry. It also doesn’t help that I have not had a lot of free time to write this to begin with. So without further ado…

A Truly Open World

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo – Switch/Wii U – 2017) is a masterpiece. It doesn’t do anything new necessarily it just executes on the dream to go anywhere in an open world. It also happens to be a beautifully made and designed world rife with adventure and wonder. I spent about 115 hours living in Hyrule to “beat” my first Zelda game, but the best part was my personal journey across the landscape, learning and discovering things along the way.


After you “beat” the game it gives you a completion percentage, after 110 hours I found all shrines, ~200 Kurok seeds, and I’m at ~40% complete. I still have entries left in my compendium and side quests to complete.


While a masterpiece that it is, it’s still not perfect. There’s not a whole lot of enemy variety, weapon durability can be bothersome, rain sucks, it’s a bit too light on story, would have preferred less of a certain type of shrine, motion controls aren’t great, and I would have liked more indoor exploration. Also it takes some getting used to the button layouts, I suggest swapping the sprint button in the settings.


I think it’s best to focus on what I didn’t like so that you’re aware of these things going into it and you yourself can experience the brilliance and awe inspiring moments that this game offers. An experience best suited to take at your own pace and one that you should not spoil. I played this on the Switch and playing it while not at home added that extra something to this game. My current Game of The Year.




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