Quick Fire Reviews Part I

Hey so There’s a lot of content to discuss but not a lot of time, so here are a few quick reviews!

Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 (Netflix – 2017)

A wacky, fun, and remarkably well produced new comedy series starring Drew Barrymore & Timothy Olyphant. It’s about these husband and wife real estate agents who have to learn  how to deal with the wife who may or may not be undead. The cast is great, the story is fun, but the ending is terrible. Looking forward to more episodes.


The LEGO Batman Movie (Warner Bros. Pictures – 2017)

I really enjoyed The LEGO Movie from 2014. It was fun and charming, and just a great time. Now take a fantastic character from that movie and give him his own film and in theory it sounds great but it falls flat in practice. It’s not a bad film and arguably the best theatrical appearance by batman in a film since 2008, but that’s not a very high bar to hop over. I saw this film the night it came out (which was like a month and a half ago) and I’m struggling to think of really great memorable moments, or any memorable moments for that matter… I do remember really wanting to watch The LEGO Movie right after leaving the theater though.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (Atlus – PS4, PS3, PS Vita – 2016)

Originally released for the PS2 in 2007, It’s been given the whole HD remaster treatment and released on PS4 (also PS3 and Vita). It’s a fairy tale like side scroller hack n slah with a very striking visual style. It’s interesting how the story is split into several threads/books. Combat is very fun and it helped get me through February until Horizon came out. I hope to come back and finish it but my backlog is huge and we may just be in the best year for video games ever. picking a game of the year for 2017 is not going to be easy.





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