Logan Review




My history with Wolverine films has not been great. I distinctly remember being at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood circa 2009 to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fuck me, right? Go to Hollywood and see a movie in one of, if not the most famous movie theaters in the world, and watch one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, certainly the worst X-men film anyway… It weighs on a person. Overtime you start to have flashbacks followed by sudden urges to forget, to be in denial that something so awful exists and that you actually experienced it first hand. Friend will tell you “hey you should check out this new x-men film” and I just respond with a blank stare, thinking about the awful CGI and seeing one of my favorite characters resorted to some fucking monster, seeing his very essence ripped from his being. I’ve seen some shit man, and it was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In a lot of ways, how I feel about the Wolverine films in particular was somehow relayed to Hugh Jackman for the basis of his character’ direction in Logan. I’d ask for a check but I have a feeling I’m not the only one who felt the same way going into this film. Now, time to actually talk about this film…

Apologies for being blunt, but Logan doesn’t deserve to be as good as it is. On one hand it feels great to finally have a great dramatic comic book movie. On the other hand? What the fuck has Hollywood been doing for the past lot of years? Turns out they are capable of producing good comic book movies, they’ve just refused to do so, so shoutout to the team behind this film because they really did do a great job. It would not have taken much to raise the bar for these films but this team went out of the way to make sure the bar was at a respectable level, and let it be know that I now expect comic book, video games, and other licensed property movies to be held to this new standard. I expect this new found respect to drain away throughout this year but it feels nice to respect the industry a little bit again.

Back to the film. I went into this film on a bit of a media blackout which I believe helped because I was not prepared for the opening sequence. I won’t spoil it for you, but the hint is “it features a jilted lover.” I’m also glad that they put this at the beginning of the film and not the end. Speaking of the end, I really appreciate how this movie ends.

Okay so the beginning and end are great, what about the middle? Well there’s a lot of good, a dash of “holy fuck”, and a sprinkling of “eh.” The main cast, Wolverine, Old Grandpa, and totally not the girl from Stranger Things are fantastic and their journey is great. As for: Voldemort, southern preacher Mad Max looking villain, and “totally just a reasonable scientist” guy, they leave a bit more to be desired. Them plus some narrative pacing issues are my only complaints. The action is top notch, the production was extremely well done, and hat tip to the makeup artists. The score was ok, nothing amazing, but more importantly nothing that made you really focus on it instead of what was going on screen. After watching this film the first thought that went through my head was: “Fuck… That’s how you make a fucking comic book movie.” There’s a lot of “fucks” in this movie by the way if you haven’t picked up on my subtle hints. It’s rated R for a reason too, mostly violence, sweet sweet violence.

So there you have it, Logan is a fantastic film that the series desperately needed and in a lot of ways felt like an apology or atonement from Fox. Would have been even better if they sent a card and free tickets to everyone that saw Origins, but hey postage isn’t exactly cheap.



I may have had to fight back some tears at the end of the film but I’ll just blame the asshole that brought the freshly cut onions into the theater. What’s this world coming to?


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