Our Review Policy & Guidelines

We’re just about to start dropping some reviews on the site so I wanted to take this time to go over our system, what it means, and maybe answer some questions you may have.

The System

We use a 5-star rating system for all of our reviews. This is not an [insert number] out of 5 system and I want to make this very clear. This system is basically the Netflix user rating system. No half or quarter stars, only full stars.


Loved it, absolutely amazing! For something to receive a 5 star review from us it means that we (the reviewer) fell in love with the game; however, this does not mean that it’s perfect or for everyone. After-all, reviews are just the opinions of the reviewer(s).


Really liked it, very good. 4 star reviews will probably be the most common review you see on here at least until we can play more games than just what we want to play. My personal backlog is already a mighty mountain to climb so playing something that doesn’t grab my attention is asking quite a bit. There is a mountain to high to keep me from getting to you [game], and it’s called my backlog.


Liked it, enjoyable, just ok. These are for things that are perfectly fine, capable, and competent. They just may not have really connected or stuck with us. This will probably be the 2nd most common review score.


Not bad, just disappointing, just like this description.


Not good, bad. might have something of a redeeming quality, key word is might. Feels bad, man…


Just plain awful, nothing good about it. Just because someone or some team of people spent time on creating it doesn’t mean they get a participation star. Also keep in mind that there is a difference between 0 stars and N/A. N/A just means the thing hasn’t been reviewed, whereas a 0 star means it was reviewed and you should feel bad for the reviewer for having put more effort into reviewing it than went into making it. Good news is that there shouldn’t be any of these on the site, but never say never…



How do you get the products for reviews? All movies, tv shows, video games, and other products are personally bought or recieved via gifts from family and friends. If a product (review copy) is supplied by a publisher/developer/distributer/studio/creator it will be noted in the review. I personally believe price of products do have some factor in whether or not something should be experienced but over time prices tend to fall and therefor should not be a huge factor into it’s review score.

Why don’t you have a review for [name of thing]? Because right now it’s just me doing reviews and theres like a million things that come out each day, and this site is just a side hobby. Calm down.

What is your opinion of Metacritic, Opencritic, and Rotten Tomatoes? These are all great tools for consumers but should not be viewed as the end-all be-all of something’s worth.

Why stars and not a 100 point scale or some other format? Movie reviews scores on a 100 point scale differ in public opinion than video game scores. If I had to guess it’s because movies have traditionally been scored on a star system, and video games have tended to be viewed like grades in US schools. a 3 star movie is still good, but a 60/100 for a video game is considered bad. I also am not a fan of black & white reviews, but I also know that viewers like seeing a score. Scores are a bit BS and people should actually read reviews and I applaud outlets that do not give scores. If this site ever gets invited to be a part of Metacritic a 100 point score must be submitted and I will update this post with what the stars would equate to for that purpose only. I will say that a curve will be applied for video game scores.

Can you think of anymore questions? Nope.