Launching DLC

dlc_design_documentI want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that reads this, visits the site, and/or listens to the podcast. It means a great deal to me that people are interested enough in what I’m doing to check this out. I originally had the idea to do something like this towards the end of 2015 and didn’t really get the wheels turning until around February of this past year. even back then things were more of a concept than anything else and it wasn’t until about October where I started being active in setting out to do this.

So what is DLC?

DLC is short for Discussing Loads of Content, which is just a fancy way of saying, “Hey, I want to talk about cool stuff.” And by “cool stuff” I of course mean Video games, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and just about every other form of art that grabs my attention. I mean if I go to a theatre and see an amazing play, I’ll want to discuss it. If I eat the best meal on the planet? Probably won’t talk about it here. Sports? Incredibly unlikely, unless it’s e-sports. Though I will have you know, I enjoy sports quite a bit. NCAA March madness, F1, Tennis, NFL, NHL, Olympics, just to name a few that I follow. Discussing cars? Probably not directly even though you could say I’m a bit of a gear head. Discussing an Amazon exclusive show that involve cars? Absolutely, the Grand Tour is a great show, highly recommend people watch it if they loved BBC’s Top Gear; chances are though they’re already aware. Also shout out to my friend Chris for coming up with the name.

Why DLC?

This is a great question. As you may have gathered from the section above, I have a ton of interests. Too many perhaps… Having this blog is an outlet for me to release by discussing all of these things in a form longer than a short social media post. This is also a way for me to write more, and to talk more. Last year I realized just how much I enjoy talking about subjects I’m knowledgable in and/or passionate about. My decision to do a podcast though remains to be questionable in my mind, because I hate the sound of my own voice when it’s recorded. if I had someone else to edit the podcast then it would be an issue. More on this in a bit.


As of right now my expectations for this site/podcast/project are small. The goal for 2017 is a minimum of 12 podcasts this year (1 per month), but there could easily be over 20. I also hope to be able to have about 50 blog posts this year on the site (~1 a week). Right now this post and the 1st episode of the podcast are up. Episode 2 may pop up this week or it might pop up in February. A second episode was recorded along side the 1st episode but there were some audio difficulties that popped up. Apologies for that. I may be able to salvage it or I might just scrap it and decide to record a similar episode once I get some new equipment. As someone who is rarely satisfied with anything I do, I found the audio issues troubling. The new equipment should fix 95% of the problems. On the same note the format and audio branding of the podcast is subject to change. Would be nice to get some custom music intros and outros and maybe a couple idents for the show created. So if you’re musically gifted and want to help, I’ll be more than willing to take a listen and talk about licensing.

Long term plans are on another level. By June I would like to get live streams and youtube going as regularly as the podcasts. I’m talking let’s plays, live reactions, video reviews, random highlights, etc. The other thing I’d like to get going is having guest writers on the blog, and some plans are already in the works on this but I’m still new to how wordpress works so details are still being worked out. If being involved with the site or other outlets we’re on interests you, then please reach out and contact us.

This may all sound like a lot, and at times it does feel that way, but this is by no means a full-time thing. This is supposed to be a fun little side personal project. My work and my family come first, and that can sometimes mean putting in well over 40 hours a week and not having much energy/time to do anything else, like write a post on this blog. I hope this answers most of your questions but if you still have more or even some feedback (yes please), please send them to or other avenues below. Thanks again and I hope 2017 is a good year for all of us.