DLC Episode 001: The Best and the Rest of 2016

The inaugural episode is live! Me and co-host Chris take you on a journey through the best video games, movies, and tv shows from 2016. We also touch on award season and what we are looking forward to this year. Apologies for the audio quality. I had this crazy elaborate set up with 1 microphone and a mixer running into my macbook pro to record in Adobe Audition and I may have forgotten that my macbook has a built-in microphone, and that may have been what Audition recorded…

The show is very much in a beta state so feedback is very welcome. I hope to have a better setup for recording around February. Until then, episodes will be posted on SoundCloud. Once I feel the quality and production are firing on a consistent level episodes will then start to appear on iTunes and as an mp3 download. If demand wants it, a youtube upload may be possible. Might even try doing videocasts one day. You never know what the future holds.